You are welcome to bring your horses and one dog with you to stay at The Cottage.

Your horses

hoof printsOur facilities include:



DIY livery


Doggy guests

doggy pawsWe would like to welcome our Doggy Guests and hope you all enjoy your stay together in The Cottage at Catford House. You will find two dog bowls and treats on arrival. Please bear in mind we are a working sheep farm and are surrounded by livestock. The garden is secure for dogs as long as the gate is shut.

Please keep your dog on a lead when exercising him on the farm. There is a footpath that runs along the track. We have provided a poop scoop for your convenience and would ask you to pick up from any of the mowed grass areas and along the drive to The Cottage. You will find it by the gate where you drive in. Please return it to where you found it and we will deal with it. We have provided a stair gate, please do not allow your dog upstairs or on the furniture downstairs or leave your dog un-attended in The Cottage. A towel is provided in the porch for wiping muddy paws.




Safe to Stay

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